April 2013

When we find that life gets so busy We must take time to stop
To hear the whisper of a kiss
and feel the gentle touch.

So it is times like these that we escape outside of the house and away from distractions
Art museum, coffee, beer, lunch and friends old and new.


Free day at the Denver Art Museum


a pint at Wynkoop Brewery

IMG_4074 IMG_4078

As a part of simple church we have always enjoyed Easter a little differently.  Nick and I typically watch The Passion either Friday or Saturday night then Easter Sunday we meet up with our church for a sunrise service.  The past two years we have hiked part of a close mt at our favorite park: Mt. Falcon open space park.  This year was very successful in getting a good sized group for the hike including one of our pregnant mommas of the group.  Nick carried her baby so she could just hike.  It was nice weather and everything.  Then we went back to the Curry home for brunch and more reflection. Perfect way to remember.


Kara’s birthday this year was celebrated by dinner with some family in town for dinner and neighbor friends, cheap movie and a new dinner theater, and sushi on a snowy day!!











Hapa Sushi. . . Yum