May 2013


With all the business of spring, Nick and I decided to get away from home for a weekend of being together.  We headed up to Breckenridge, CO and enjoyed eating out and cooking in, movies and walks.  We borrowed snow shoes from a friend since it has been snowing so late this spring.  We found a trail in National Forest area right off of Boreas Pass. Since it was such a beautiful day Nick hiked in shorts.  What fun.



Every year that Nick can remember he has attended and volunteered at the Kansas MCC sale.  It is held at the Kansas State fair grounds in Hutchinson, KS for the weekend.  This year, Kara drove to KS by herself and picked up Nick from the Wichita airport.  He flew in from Las Vegas from the MMS conference where he spoke on Config Manager.


The sale is always a fun time of seeing family and reconnecting with others, whom we only see at the sale: Nick’s college friends, Grandparents friends or relatives, and sale volunteers.  We enjoy the traditional Mennonite food, beautiful hand made quilts, and conversations with strangers around the same mission.  This 45th year raised a little under 500K.

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