IMG_0040IMG_0075IMG_0110The past month and a half has been busy with traveling, however the past 4 weekends we have been out of town completely.  It started with the Palisade wine festival as part of our 7th anniversary.  On our way to Palisade, we stopped to hike Hanging Lake before driving the rest of the way to Grand Junction.  It is unique.

A friend invited us to help pour for Talon Brands Wine and we readily agreed and worked out the details to also stay with her at her brother’s house.  Nick and I poured for St. Kathryn‘s which specializes in fruit wine.  They are known for their very distinctive Lavender Wine, which is a Riesling based with strong Lavender flavors.  We had a fabulous time leaving on Thursday evening and crashing in Glenwood Springs after visiting Glenwood Brewery. We thoroughly enjoyed wine, excellent food, and company all weekend.

On our way back we enjoyed a drive through CO National Monument and due to a terrible accident and construction headed on Highway 9 over Hoosier Pass to get back to Denver on 285.  We hit snow flurries, I do not think it was the first mountain snow flurries, but it was early to see it. (9/22/13)

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The weekend after the wine fest, Nick and I flew down with his company for the Catapult Systems 20th anniversary party.  It was a quick trip, barely gone for 24 hours.  It was fun to hang out in Austin with some of his coworkers and spouses.  Upon arriving we headed for a late lunch at Salt Lick Barbeque. It was phenomenal!! The company through a huge party held at the Austin Music Hall!

Then the next two weekends we have been in New Mexico on vacation.  An unexpected change of events that will be in more detail in posts to follow.