If you know us or have been following our blog since we’ve gotten married; you may have noticed that we love Breckenridge. It’s a close mountain get away where we tend to go a couple of times a year. We had the opportunity to have one more weekend away early in October.  We were hoping to see some good fall colors, but mostly just enjoyed the time away together without needing to think about all the preparation to be done. We walked around town and Nick enjoyed being creative with his photography.  Heading home we wanted to cross Mosquito Pass to Leadville then up to I70; however, on the way up it was pretty bumpy and we got to a very steep point.  Knowing this is the highest mountain pass in CO at over 13K feet. I was not in the mood to possibly go into labor early on this bumpy dirt road, so we turned around.  It will have to be another adventure for another day.

Here’s a video of our weekend – http://vimeo.com/108084848