We had a quick opportunity to visit Kara’s family on an extended weekend in Seattle area.  We flew in town Saturday and after picking up the rental car went to pick up my parents and drive north to Bellingham, WA.  We visited my grandparents who are both in their 90’s and still live on their own.  They are doing very well despite many adversities. It was great to see them again and they enjoyed meeting Ivan.

We also spent some time with some other adopted grandparents the Karber family.  Grandma is in a home as she has Alzheimer’s, but it was fun to watch her light up when she saw Ivan.  After a fun weekend we headed back to Seattle on Monday to spend time with some more extended family.  Nick had a training to attend at Microsoft Tuesday and Wednesday so I got to explore Seattle with my parents and my Aunt. It was a bit fast and furious, but fun.