August 2016

P1260065While camping this summer, Nicolas made a comment that he wanted to do a backpacking trip while Ivan was still little enough to carry.  We planned it for his birthday weekend. We decided to go on a trail off a 4*4 road that looked pretty secluded on the map we had. We packed up Saturday morning early and got on the trail about 11am.  We were hiking beside a creek and up in elevation.  We knew after a while we would loose our water source, so we had to decide if we were going back down or continue up.  Nicolas was by then carrying Ivan and he felt good, so we kept going.  The view from the top was beautiful and we enjoyed it. We then needed to find water to set up camp, so we went down the other side of the mountain and pretty much hiked the whole 11.5 mile trail before we found water and a place to tent. We set up tent exhausted and hungry.  We slept reasonably well and packed up in the morning and headed back out knowing we had a long hike back to the car.  We had some great time talking together, listening to Ivan chat and thinking quietly as well.

Here’s a fun picture of Kara and Ivan from our first backpacking trip side by side with this trip. IMG_0359

Check out the video of our adventures below:

We started the month off with celebrating 4th of July in Buena Vista, Co with Nick’s immediate family. We camped in the backyard and Ivan even got to be in the parade with Nick. I think he enjoyed watching it more, but it was fun seeing him in it.  We then camped and attempted to summit Torrey’s Peak one of the 54 14’ners in Colorado. We didn’t make it to the top due to some health safety concerns, but we were close at 13,600 feet. Ivan was a trooper: being carried for a long hike and still he asks and desires to hike.  Ivan and Kara had a rare opportunity to meet up with Grandma Reimer in Pennsylvania to visit family and friends from elementary school and college.  It was fun to meet their kids and watch Ivan play together.  We took a day trip to the shore and visited Point Pleasant Beach. Ivan loved the sand and liked the water, until he got a bit too wet.  It has been a fun filled month all over the country but we are glad to be back home together.

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