November 2017

I’m thankful to be “home” with my husband! Nick travels a lot so to be home together is not to be taken for granted!

Thankful to go “home”… with my great travel buddy.

Today I’m thankful for a small Christmas tree that Ivan helped decorate. He is so excited about Christmas lights and decorations, but since we are between houses we won’t set up decorations this year.  He totally enjoyed seeing a tree at my parents.

After full days of family and new friends I am thankful for a quiet playground.

Thankful for people who out up Christmas lights. My parents church in AZ helps to sponsor a lights display and the story of Jesus in the pastor’s back yard. It was fun to check it tonight. While my parents caught up with friends I think Ivan walked through 10 times each time wanting me to read all the signs and talk about it. 

Thankful for a dad/papa who travels to see us!

Thankful for friendship of cousins. Sometimes it’s a love and sometimes it’s a hate but mostly they get along really well. 

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