January 2018

Thankful to have trash and recycling pick up. I took for granted the dumpster that we could always take stuff to, but I’m still thankful that we can have pick up service.

So thankful for a child who loves to learn. He loves story time at the library and thankful that everyday we can go so I don’t have to remember a schedule. 🙂

Today despite getting to the rec center before day care opened I am so thankful that they had an area for Ivan to run and a soccer ball for him to kick. It helped kill the time easier. He’s pretty good at kicking!!

I’m thankful for a nice day to get outside and go for a kite! I don’t really remember doing this as a kid so it was fun to share with Ivan. Thanks Grandma Karen for the kite.

Thankful for an employer who despite craziness is good to Nick. We had an enjoyable time getting dressed up and going downtown for the winter party.

Thankful today to spread cheer in Home Depot. Everyone we passed smiled or laughed at Ivan the monster.

After all the family and excitement is gone it’s nice to know and be grateful that Ivan will still play by himself.

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