March 2018

So much going on yet today I’m thankful for the chance to sit for a bit with some women talking about life.

Again no picture as we were so busy, but on a friend’s behalf I’m so thankful to see people come around a family to literally pack and move their house in 72 hours. From no boxes to in and out of the uhaul. Crazy but I love watching the community.

I’m trying to be thankful for this journey of motherhood. It’s hard but reading this today helped lighten my mood. “Mother as hero”

Thankful for a new way of cooking. I had a coupon so thought I’d try. Delicious and correctly portioned dinner served quickly

and easily.

I’m so thankful that Ivan loves to play and imagine. Today storm trooper too an adventure outside.

Again, not a moment to take a picture, but I’m so thankful for a wonderfully helpful chiropractor!!

We had a delightful family day together at the playground and at the pool. I’m so thankful for the rec centers that we now have access to.

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