May 2018

Better late than never, but I’m finally getting our blog update. We were able to be with Nick’s family over Easter.  His sister, Leia, and her kids from Italy were visiting so we all flew down to Phoenix, where his sister Abby lives, for the Easter weekend and beyond. Nick took a couple of days off work then worked from AZ for a couple of days. It was great to hang out with everyone.


My parents were still parked in AZ so we slept there and had breakfast with them, other than that didn’t really see them as Ivan would fall asleep before we got back for the night.  He had so much fun playing with all his cousins all day it wore him out.  We also highlighted the Zoo, Phoenix Science Center, playgrounds, parks and Abby’s pool.

So much fun!

Check out the photos and video clip in this fun video

I took a break for a while, but saw that I had memories coming up on Facebook at over 150 moments of gratitude…. So working toward that… Today we are so thankful for the Chick fila story time. We barely made it this year but every time we come Ivan has a blast! Thanks River Point Chick Fil A and Miss Kortney.

master bath before-after

We have updated our new home a lot since December when we moved in, some projects we have hired out some we have attempted to do ourselves.  The most recent one finished was the master vanity.  I attempted to paint it when we first moved it to make it look better, but we really just wanted to replace it.  So we purchased a vanity on and had it freight delivered to our room (up 2 half flights of stairs). However, when we opened the box we found it damaged: the counter top cracked and the undermount sink no longer mounted.  Disappointed we did nothing but contact customer service and leave town trying not to think about it.  I started to research repairing the chip and reinstalling the sink and decided for some cash back we would attempt to repair it.  I think it was mostly successful and after demolition of our old cabinet we installed the new one, along with the mirror and reinstalling the undermount sink.  I finished the faucet and plumbing yesterday to no leaks!  It looks so much better from the beginning, so here’s before and after photos.

This was the listing photo. Yes mauve countertop – thank you mid 80’s.


Painter getting ready to paint the walls.


Painting the cabinet


Midway there. It’s better but the mauve still has to go.


So much better, and even a new mirror