July 2018

We have worked so hard on our home the past 8 months. It has been a whirlwind of projects.

Before and After shots

beforeandafterbefore and after2Since we moved in in December we’ve done painting, concrete, lighting, door handles, hinges, cabinet handles, deck, yard work, tree trimming, and décor. We had the help of wonderful contractors (If you need a great painter, electrician, concreter or decker call me.) and my parents through this spring. We are so happy with how things have turned out and are thoroughly enjoying our space, especially the new deck during the summer.  We also loved the help of Amber Hanna at Cocooned Living…….Thanks to her we can finally enjoy Nick’s art up on our walls!

Here’s a video of more detailed before, during and after pictures. https://vimeo.com/279593062


This spring was full of house adventures and Ivan learning new things like allen wrench and how to find studs.  We continued to work hard on the house and got so much more motivated once we scheduled our deck to be torn down and rebuilt. We had fun swimming in the indoor pools at the rec centers here where we live now and playing outside with friends. My parents passed through here in April shortly after the MCC sale and our spring ended with a boys camping trip and a girls weekend with my good friend from Kansas City. The summer has been full of house projects to get ready for our open house.  Ivan has enjoyed VBS, swimming, house projects of his own, and playing with friends. We’ve also been out of town visiting family in BV and spending time in the mountains to get away. It is hard to believe it is the middle of July already and it feels like the summer is already gone when it barely came…..oh well we have had fun.