Family highlights from 2018:

mosley family-13

Great travel visiting both new and familiar places. Cabo Mexico (vacation), Daytona Beach FL (vacation), Washington state (Kara’s family), Pennsylvania (Kara’s family) plus a 24 hour excursion to Baltimore, Kansas (Nick’s family), Arizona in spring and autumn (Nick’s family).


Renovations to our house, which took the better part of 6 months, though some work is still in progress.  Also the blessing of being able to make it a ‘comfortable’ and enjoyable space for us, for friends, for neighbors, and guests in general.


Not necessarily a highlight, but honoring the life of Bean, our long-time feline companion who passed in 2018.


Ivan, when asked what his favorite thing was from this year, responded with ‘camping‘.


Kara enjoyed having Ivan at a place of more independence. So that meant that she could read more. At last count she read 35 books in categories such as Harry Potter, Health, Marriage, Relationships, Religion etc.