I’m so thankful for our church family. We have great conversations and so much fun together.

p1270148We have thoroughly enjoyed our summer in CO!  We have spent so many weekends out camping or hiking that it is hard to keep track of all the places we’ve gone.  Ivan has also enjoyed helping water in the garden.  On cooler days we bake and cook together. We enjoyed a baseball game and concert by Crowder with some of our church friends.

I found a small bicycle that he can walk around until he is big enough to sit on it.  We also enjoyed a visit downtown Denver on the train with a visit to the fountains in front of Union Station. Here’s a video to show the pictures of our adventures.


For the past 3 years Kara has helped to organize a conference for people who are a part of or interested in simple church.  The conference is put on by the LK10 organization and has been attended by 50-60 people from all over the US and sometimes the world.  It is such a great time of sharing with others about simple forms of church. We practice “table churches” for the weekend where everyone is a part of a small church to share their hearts and listen to God together.  As we have attended these past 3 years we have enjoyed getting to know others who are like minded in this area. We had the conference this year at Bear Trap Conference center and had such a great time relaxing and enjoying the mountains.

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Nick and I were able to again attend and help with the Labor Day Lk10 simple church conference.  We had a fabulous time reconnecting with friends and “family” as well as meeting and creating new memories. We all were able to experience church in small groups and learn from others as they facilitated sessions on sacraments, family, leadership and money.  We had a great time and already have next year on the calendar.


Check out this video made by our friend Jordan Bunch:

Almost every year we try to get members from our church to come camping with us over Memorial Day Weekend.  This year we were blessed by the Curry family with an overnight. We then had almost everyone else come join in on the fun Sunday morning.  We made biscuits on a stick and eggs.  Had fun watching kidos and playing games. We found a great spot in Deer Creek Campground right along the creek which was great for sleeping.

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As a part of simple church we have always enjoyed Easter a little differently.  Nick and I typically watch The Passion either Friday or Saturday night then Easter Sunday we meet up with our church for a sunrise service.  The past two years we have hiked part of a close mt at our favorite park: Mt. Falcon open space park.  This year was very successful in getting a good sized group for the hike including one of our pregnant mommas of the group.  Nick carried her baby so she could just hike.  It was nice weather and everything.  Then we went back to the Curry home for brunch and more reflection. Perfect way to remember.


Kara and I had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas this year with a bulk of the Hostetler family.  Mom, Alex, Arlene, and the grandparents all travelled (from Kansas) to the Coates’ residence in Buena Vista, CO.  Abby was also able to join us on Saturday and Sunday.  It was a nice time spent with them.  While the ladies went shopping on Saturday afternoon, Alex and I took advantage of the sled attached to the four-wheeler by trying launch each other over mounds of built-up snow.  Dennis took some video of the event, so we’ll try to obtain it for viewing 😉



Myself and Alex were able to go skiing for two days at Loveland as well.  We spent most of our time going through the trees.  Alex did very well considering that he only gets to ski once per year or less!  I escaped with only a minor injury to my hand!

Below is brief video of me launching off a drop-off at high speed.

The Tuesday following Christmas, Kara and I had the opportunity to serve at a “hotel” that is the home to 60+ elderly and disabled folks.  We did this with other Denver-area house churches.  Our primary purpose was to just love them as Christ loves them.  You can read more about it on the following posts, if you like.


For New Year’s Eve, we had our close friends, Blake and Sarah Lehr, over for wine, a 3-course fondue meal, and games.  It was a great evening, but when 1:00 came around, we were all ready for bed!!