Our 2019 Adventures in Review

1. Nevada Excursion

We explored Las Vegas and Nevada in the spring

2. Winfred Reimer Memorial

The passing of Kara’s grandfather in the spring, along with his memorial

3. San Francisco

We took an extended weekend trip to San Francisco.

4. Summertime

Summers in Colorado are always great

5. Nick and Kara’s 13th Anniversary

We went to Cortez, Colorado + Mesa Verde National Park – extended away without Ivan for the first time!

6. Vacation to Tennessee

Our trip began in Memphis, then Gatlinburg + Great Smoky Mountains NP, and ended in Nashville.

7. Ivan’s 5th turns 5

He’s growing so fast!


I so appreciate a son who is open to try new things. We love Ethiopian food and took Ivan for his first birthday and this year that’s what he wanted again. We celebrated early with Nick since we won’t be all together on his actual birthday. I don’t know if he remembers 2 years ago but when I gave him options: Indian, Chinese, Italian, sushi, Ethiopian… won. It maybe helped that I told him he could eat with his hands!

Hopefully you hear thankfulness and gratitude resounding in our blog posts so on the off days this year I’m going to try to be diligent to post a picture of something else in grateful for.

Here’s to 365 days of gratitude!

So thankful for dinner from my garden! For the first year ever I actually got a few lbs of carrots! So gingered carrot soup!

My Birthday was this week so I celebrated like I wanted to.  I went out to brunch with a friend on Saturday then after dropping off Ivan with my Sister-in-law Nick and I went on a hike. WP_20170318_13_27_03_Pro

With my current food restrictions I decided it wasn’t worth paying to eat out a simple meal, so instead I found delicious recipes and Nick and I spent the evening cooking together.  It was terrific and very tasty.  Here are some picture and links to the recipes.


Iranian Eggplant Dip was both of our favorite!  This was amazing and I will definitely make it again.


Lamb Shawarma was very tasty, but our chunks of meat were a bit too small so they were a bit over cooked. We did roast veggies with this and made the tahini sauce. The mint was an interesting addition to the roasted veggies.

Herb crackers was for me to be able to eat the eggplant dip. Though these are delicious and I will be making them again.


On Sunday we celebrated with our church family and I made a special dessert that I could share with everyone.


On Monday, I made a special breakfast with my hand at homemade hollandaise sauce. Ivan and I met up with Grandma Karen at the library for story time and mask making after I got a walk in with a friend. After Ivan’s nap we went to Caribou Coffee for my free drink then to a playground.  In the evening, Nick watched Ivan so I could go out with friends to InTea as well as Wahoo Fish Tacos. I was so excited to see spring flowers for my birthday. In 11 years of being in CO I don’t think I’ve ever seen early spring flowers.  I have been enjoying all the blooms this year! Nick as super creative and sneaky and bought us tickets to go see Jim Gaffigan.  He presented it in a fun way with the tickets inside his book so we can read that together for now.  Here’s to a great 35!!!!

After a hectic week of floor remodeling we enjoyed a visit from the Reimer family for Christmas.  The guys hit the slopes on Christmas Eve and we had a delightful fondue dinner for Christmas. The visit was short and sweet, but Ivan loved the time he had with extended family.

The week after we spent time with local cousins and Grandma Karen who lives in KS.  He loved the warm days to jump on the trampoline!


All the Moseley siblings got to go to the Raiders vs. Broncos game on New Year’s Day.  It was a fun week of celebrating with family!

My garden continues to produce an abundance of yummy vegetables . . . I planned ahead and did plant a larger variety this year than last, so we are enjoying not just zucchini, but getting tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, a few peas still, hot peppers,spinach, broccoli, lettuce, beets, onions and garlic.  Things are taking off and really growing.  I try to use principles of companion gardening, however this year my garden did some things naturally. For example my green beans are vining up the sunflowers.  I love it and because of that is why I enjoy not planting in little rows . . .   🙂


I'm bringing about double or triple this amount every other day when I visit to water and weed.

I’m bringing about double or triple this amount every other day when I visit to water and weed.


Full garden salad!!! yummy

Full garden salad!!! yummy





Jalapeno pepper. so far enough to can 1 jar of pickled peppers.

Jalapeno pepper. so far enough to can 1 jar of pickled peppers.


beets . . . love them for the tops and bottoms

beets . . . love them for the tops and bottoms


Potato plant


First of many tomatoes

First of many tomatoes

Love all the sunflowers

Love all the sunflowers


winter squashes

winter squashes


Do you see the green beans on the vine attached to the sunflower stem?

Do you see the green beans on the vine attached to the sunflower stem?

Today's batch of refrigerator pickles and pickled green beans and hot peppers.

Today’s batch of refrigerator pickles and pickled green beans and hot peppers.











After getting the hand me down mixer/blender/food processor from my parents which then proceeded to die while cooking mashed potatoes for 150 (another story); a few years ago we broke down and purchased a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love it!! We got a great deal and the ice cream maker attachment for free.  I have decided to try to make full use of it this summer.  Earlier in the month I made a delicious non dairy mango sorbet with coconut cream, almond milk, mango, tad bit of sugar and a touch of orange liquor.  Yummy. Since then Nick has been asking for Vanilla, so today was the perfectly hot day.  I found a 4 ingredient vanilla ice cream recipe. With half/half, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla, I have found my new, favorite, easy, no cook vanilla ice cream recipe. The whipping cream made it light and fluffy and it almost overfilled my 2qt ice cream maker.  I then added some Peppermint essential oil and chocolate chips to 2 cups worth and froze the rest as vanilla.  ImageFluffy and Creamy

ImageAll ingredients organic except the vanilla, at 1/2 the price of organic ice cream and with less ingredients too.

ImageMint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Ice Cream

ImageKitty cat was begging for a treat. . . I put it down to see how fast she would go at it.  I barely had time to grab a camera and snap a picture before she was totally trying to lick at the bowl.  Yuck, I gave her some on my finger!

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