We have had a very busy and fun summer already.  June started off with a visit from Grandma Karen Hostetler and cousin Avery’s 1st birthday! We then had lots of time at playgrounds and the splash park.  We have gone to ride the train at Bellview park and enjoyed time at the library as well.  As a family we got out to hike a couple times in Jefferson County open space parks and have gone camping two weekends.  Ivan and Kara also stay busy with the garden and running in the stroller.  Ivan loves being outside and has been sleeping well with all the exercise and activity.


Here is a short video of our adventures.



We enjoyed a weekend away with friends in Breckenridge in October.  It was fun to see the colors again and as always the fun of Breckenridge.

For the past 3 years Kara has helped to organize a conference for people who are a part of or interested in simple church.  The conference is put on by the LK10 organization and has been attended by 50-60 people from all over the US and sometimes the world.  It is such a great time of sharing with others about simple forms of church. We practice “table churches” for the weekend where everyone is a part of a small church to share their hearts and listen to God together.  As we have attended these past 3 years we have enjoyed getting to know others who are like minded in this area. We had the conference this year at Bear Trap Conference center and had such a great time relaxing and enjoying the mountains.

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A year ago some friends told us about a backpacking trip that the did together.  They loved it and wanted to try to win a raffle for the group site over 4th of July weekend.  We told them we were in if they got it.  IMG_0026

Come January, we found out they won the raffle so plans were assembled. Over the Independence Day weekend, we executed the 15 mile round-trip hike up to Crater Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, south of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was beautiful and we had a blast. Thanks to the Curry family for inviting us along!IMG_0205

Lone Eagle Peak reflecting in Mirror Lake was one of the highlights of the site!!


Video of our photos @






While I was away in WA, helping my grandparents, Nick was busy working on finishing the back splash of our kitchen. After finishing most of the remodel we just could not make any decisions about back splash, so we didn’t. This fall, I brought home every possible tile out there for back splash, and we finally asked around, got some advise, picked and purchased our tile.  Nick used the time to finish. Thanks to a friend, Nick got for help with the cuts around the outlets.  I came home to a terrific surprise and together we finished grouting and sealing the tile.  We are pleased to be finished with remodeling for a while. 


After the busy fun with family for Christmas, we decided the last minute to invite neighbors and friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us.  My parents ended up getting stranded in Denver with a cancelled flight, so they were staying with us. I cooked up some yummy lasagna, and friends brought appetizers and drinks.  We had about 15 people and 2 kids. It was fun to hang out, relax and play games.  We made it till midnight then started cleaning up as everyone left.

New Year’s Day we woke and with one other overnight guest made french toast for everyone.  My parents got a ride to the airport, and we headed out to pick up a friend to go snow shoeing. We headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park and did a 3.6 mile hike up and across 3 lakes.  It was fun to be out with others on the trails in the snow.  We ended the day with seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is a fun, clean and entertaining movie.

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Nick and I were able to again attend and help with the Labor Day Lk10 simple church conference.  We had a fabulous time reconnecting with friends and “family” as well as meeting and creating new memories. We all were able to experience church in small groups and learn from others as they facilitated sessions on sacraments, family, leadership and money.  We had a great time and already have next year on the calendar.


Check out this video made by our friend Jordan Bunch:

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