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It’s hard to believe we are at the end of summer already. Between traveling and working on the house the summer just flew by. We enjoyed hiking and camping and being with friends and family, taking a final camping trip Labor day weekend, and a beautiful hike the last weekend. So thankful that Ivan did amazing on an almost 3 mile hike.

Here are some pictures as a video.

We have worked so hard on our home the past 8 months. It has been a whirlwind of projects.

Before and After shots

beforeandafterbefore and after2Since we moved in in December we’ve done painting, concrete, lighting, door handles, hinges, cabinet handles, deck, yard work, tree trimming, and décor. We had the help of wonderful contractors (If you need a great painter, electrician, concreter or decker call me.) and my parents through this spring. We are so happy with how things have turned out and are thoroughly enjoying our space, especially the new deck during the summer.  We also loved the help of Amber Hanna at Cocooned Living…….Thanks to her we can finally enjoy Nick’s art up on our walls!

Here’s a video of more detailed before, during and after pictures. https://vimeo.com/279593062


I took a break for a while, but saw that I had memories coming up on Facebook at over 150 moments of gratitude…. So working toward that… Today we are so thankful for the Chick fila story time. We barely made it this year but every time we come Ivan has a blast! Thanks River Point Chick Fil A and Miss Kortney.

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-Nicolas & Kara

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As I was leaving for work this morning, I found the back window of my car was shattered. Who knows who did it, how it happened, and when it happened….fortunately nothing was stolen.


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