This year for the 4th of July weekend we enjoyed the time with Nick’s family.  The Coates clan, who live out in Buena Vista, CO hosted us for the 4th for BV’s parade and family fun. We enjoyed hanging out with the girls and sleeping by the sound of the creek. Fireworks were banned again this year, so the kids enjoyed glow sticks.  I enjoyed working on a puzzle that had been started.


Nick’s Grandpa Hostetler’s side was gathering for a family reunion in CO Springs for the weekend, so Friday we got up and headed to do some off-roading before going to the reunion.  We went up from St. Elmo to Hancock Pass then back down to Highway 50.


We didn’t plan well and ended up missing the gathering Friday evening. We found a forest road and set up tent for the night then headed back to hang out with the family Saturday.  We went on a walk around the Garden of the Gods then got lunch at a local Greek Restaurant. Nick’s sister, Abby and Jason and Alexa joined in the fun at this point of the day.  We then went back to the hotel and jumped in the pool with the twins while the younger girls took a nap. Saturday afternoon was an auction for raising money for the next reunion.  Someone had taken some old photos of the family and the homestead and turned them into puzzles for the auction. While we were waiting I enjoyed assembling one of them and chatting with whoever else sat down to work on it.  We then all met up a the Memorial park for pictures and a picnic and getting to know others. We headed home after the park, overall it was a good weekend.

Video of the weekend –