Nick got Bean as a kitten almost 8 years ago. bean1

She’s a great cat, you know cuddly on her terms, greats us at the door provided we’ve been gone long enough, begs anything white or meaty off our plates, sleeps with us at night: most of the time, lays on whatever you happen to be reading or looking at, and calls our attention to her lack of food every morning.  Here’s some fun pictures of her over the years in the many places she loves to lay, sleep and eat.

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Bean did her part in helping us replace a toilet recently.  Her assign duty was to guard the parts to ensure they didn’t run away.

For those of you who have not been able to spend much time around Bean, this is a cute video that shows ways that she “begs like a dog.”


Uncle Nicolas, Aunt Kara, and cousin Bean wish Eva a happy 5th birthday!

For those of you who do not yet know, Nicolas’ sister and brother-in-law (Abby & Jason) got a puppy a couple of month’s back.  Here is a short video of one of their first interactions, which is pretty cute.  We had to forcefully pull Bean from her hiding spot in order for them to meet! Enjoy!

Our cat Bean, who is known to beg like a dog, was begging for food to Kara’s mom.  Instead of just taking a picture, I captured a funny moment on video.  We hope it makes you chuckle as it did us!  If you can’t hear the video, it won’t be funny, so make sure your volume is up.