After getting the hand me down mixer/blender/food processor from my parents which then proceeded to die while cooking mashed potatoes for 150 (another story); a few years ago we broke down and purchased a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I love it!! We got a great deal and the ice cream maker attachment for free.  I have decided to try to make full use of it this summer.  Earlier in the month I made a delicious non dairy mango sorbet with coconut cream, almond milk, mango, tad bit of sugar and a touch of orange liquor.  Yummy. Since then Nick has been asking for Vanilla, so today was the perfectly hot day.  I found a 4 ingredient vanilla ice cream recipe. With half/half, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla, I have found my new, favorite, easy, no cook vanilla ice cream recipe. The whipping cream made it light and fluffy and it almost overfilled my 2qt ice cream maker.  I then added some Peppermint essential oil and chocolate chips to 2 cups worth and froze the rest as vanilla.  ImageFluffy and Creamy

ImageAll ingredients organic except the vanilla, at 1/2 the price of organic ice cream and with less ingredients too.

ImageMint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Ice Cream

ImageKitty cat was begging for a treat. . . I put it down to see how fast she would go at it.  I barely had time to grab a camera and snap a picture before she was totally trying to lick at the bowl.  Yuck, I gave her some on my finger!