When we find that life gets so busy We must take time to stop
To hear the whisper of a kiss
and feel the gentle touch.

So it is times like these that we escape outside of the house and away from distractions
Art museum, coffee, beer, lunch and friends old and new.


Free day at the Denver Art Museum


a pint at Wynkoop Brewery

IMG_4074 IMG_4078

This spring has been so busy with work and Kara finishing her grad classes and Nick searching and finding a new job that there has not been a lot of down time together to just be and relax.  A couple of weeks ago Nick announced that I needed to get my studying done so we could have all Saturday for a date.

It was a great day that started with smoothies at Emerald City Smoothies. We then headed to Cherry Creek shopping area and visited one of our favorites 10,000 Villages as well as a few other shops.  We also headed to a glass art gallery, Pismo to see the new Italian show. It was way out of our league, but amazing to appreciate the art.


We then headed home to get dressed up for dinner and headed to the Melting Pot in Littleton for an amazing lunch/dinner.  We also bought a fabulous Barolo to top off dinner. We were doing the Restaurant Week deal for 5280 and got cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue in an amazing broth and chocolate fondue.  Wow, we were stuffed, but it was very tasty.

We finished the evening at a local art event in Englewood. A Mardi Gras Party with art, music, food and drinks.  We had a great time wandering around and really enjoyed the quiet room where we could talk, until it was invaded by other people.  Oh well, it was fun.  We left there and bought a bottle of port and chocolate to round out the night.  It was a great day out and a break from the mundane of life, classes, work and study.

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We’re a little late to blog about our 2009 valentines fun, but better late than never.  With the holiday falling on a Saturday, we took advantage by making it an 8 hour event instead of just a quiet dinner out.

Our day began with Kara waking to fresh coffee and homemade smoothies.  As usual, Bean was given the option to cleanup afterward.  The afternoon was mostly spent relaxing and reading.

img_7929 img_7934

Courtesy of a gift card and a coupon, this year to dine at a popular local Italian restaurant, Magianno’s.  This place is very popular and very busy on holidays such as this, so we opted to have an early dinner, around 3:00.  Despite the time of day, we still had a 20 minute wait!  We feasted on calamari as an hordeurve and lobster ravioli.  Delicious!!

Next was a chance to work off our freshly acquired extra body weight (from the meal) by bowling…even though bowling seems like one of those things that you only do as a teenager for valentines day.  Regardless, it was nice to be there in the early evening because it was mostly quiet.  When Kara bowls, she has the form of a cute old lady…but when Nicolas bowls, he has the style of a flamingo!

img_1327 img_1330

Also, Kara wants everyone to know that she one both games.


img_1338Once the lobster had settled in our stomachs, we made our way to our local Caribou coffee shop for a hard to pass up buy-one-get-one-free coffee.  Here, Kara was given her specially crafted v-day gift that was entirely created in the early morning hours while she was asleep.  It was a homemade, double-sided, 8×10 picture collage…cut up as a puzzle!  After piecing the puzzle together, we played card games, talked, and laughed.

The day was finished together at home, with a glass of wine and a movie (Kung Fu Panda).  Kara also gave Nicolas her gift to him, something he’s talked of wanting for awhile, a nice wine decanter!

Below is the full picture of Nicolas and Kara’s last year together that was cut up as a puzzle.  Enjoy!