It is an exciting time of year as I was able to bring home some peas and a bag of spinach this week.  I have been working hard keeping the weeds down at my two garden plots this year.  The weeds kind of got away from me but after spending about 7 hours in each plot it is now manageable to 2-3 times a week when I water, I will also weed.  My fellow gardeners have also shared basil, mint and lettuce with me.  I am loving it.  photo

Here are my snow peas growing up tall and the spinach in front.


First harvest. . . beautiful handful all for me!

photo (2)

2nd garden was planted a bit later, but the volunteer sunflowers are really taking off this year.

Also growing here is cabbage, peppers, beans, beats, potatoes . . .


My zucchini, lettuce and broccoli plant are doing well.

IMAG00122nd bag full of produce- Spinach, beat tops, purple basil for a yummy salad.