master bath before-after

We have updated our new home a lot since December when we moved in, some projects we have hired out some we have attempted to do ourselves.  The most recent one finished was the master vanity.  I attempted to paint it when we first moved it to make it look better, but we really just wanted to replace it.  So we purchased a vanity on and had it freight delivered to our room (up 2 half flights of stairs). However, when we opened the box we found it damaged: the counter top cracked and the undermount sink no longer mounted.  Disappointed we did nothing but contact customer service and leave town trying not to think about it.  I started to research repairing the chip and reinstalling the sink and decided for some cash back we would attempt to repair it.  I think it was mostly successful and after demolition of our old cabinet we installed the new one, along with the mirror and reinstalling the undermount sink.  I finished the faucet and plumbing yesterday to no leaks!  It looks so much better from the beginning, so here’s before and after photos.

This was the listing photo. Yes mauve countertop – thank you mid 80’s.


Painter getting ready to paint the walls.


Painting the cabinet


Midway there. It’s better but the mauve still has to go.


So much better, and even a new mirror




As another ‘thank you’ gift for doing their wedding photography, Willie and Deb gave us their old hanging pot rack since we were looking to buy one anyhow.  With Kara’s parents in town visiting for the next month, we recruited Kara’s dad to assist with the placement of the rack amongst other house items (such as repairing tile under our microwave).

With Nicolas’ company being an apartment complex company, they buy a tremendous amount of appliances and so have worked a reduced deal with GE Appliances.  The company was also able to extend their deal to employees.  The discounts are normally about 20% but recently GE had an additional sale in which we were able to get a stainless steel oven for the price of a white oven, which was a saving of 50% – since we’re gradually upgrading our appliances to stainless steel, we jumped on this opportunity and purchased a flat-top oven with 3 back burners, 2 from dual burners, and is self cleaning.  The “maiden voyage” of our new oven was an Italian espresso – our most frequently cooked and most loved item!

Now we only have our refrigerator to go…maybe next year though.


Kara’s parents, Kent and Jan Reimer, are in town for the next couple of weeks visiting us.  Well, they’re also here for conferences at World Venture, but we are fortunate to have them staying with us during this time.  When they do come to town, we are able to use Dad to assist in home repairs/upgrades.  With the list of things-to-do piling up, they came at the right time!

  1. Installed and over-the-oven microwave.  Slowly but surely, we are replacing our older appliances for nicer more functional stainless steel ones.
  2. Installed tubing from sink to ice maker in the freezer.  Have always had the ice maker, but never the water!
  3. Installed better lighting in the kitchen, with some ‘modern’ track lighting.
  4. Sealed cold air leaks from outside closet that come through the duct system
  5. Installed two new electrical outlets around the island

Kara and I didn’t like the way we had painted our cupboards because we felt it distracted from the beauty of our new “wood” floors.  With the majority of the kitchen completed as of today, we’ve only the island remaining to finish.  Anyhow, here is a picture of the new paint….

Step 1 – Remove everything from the kitchen.

img_4096.jpg img_4095.jpg

Step 2 – Paint.  (May as well paint the entire house also….since you’re already at it)


Step 3 – Bathe the cat after she’s touched the wet paint



4. Measure your wood



5.  Voila….you have new floors in no time at all!!!