Gratitude is one of many emotions as we move away. We are also sad to leave our wonderful home.

IMG_0114Nick and I moved into our condo as soon as we were married; he moved in a couple months before. We’ve lived there 11 yrs and now it is a memory. To celebrate the memory here are some top things we have enjoyed over the years.

  • Remodeling: particularly the kitchen
  • Ivan’s birth in our bedroom
  • Parks and playgrounds nearby
  • Neighbor friendships and hosting friends
  • Location (access) to downtown, light rail, highways
  • Could clean whole house in an hour, if I wanted

We look forward to a new adventure but for now we say goodbye to that part of our life. Here is a look back in time of the changes and some gatherings we had in our condo.


Click on this link to see the video:

After 10 years of being in our condo (as of July 2016), it became time to invest in a few upgrades to our home.  In 2012 we had already remodeled the kitchen, which was a major undertaking since we did the work ourselves (with the help of Kara’s parents).



Ivan eating in his chair in the only space in the house…


This round of renovations included replacing the worn-out carpet and ugly bathroom vanities, so we elicited a contractor to help.  In addition to those upgrades, the bathrooms and master bedroom received a much needed new color and coat of paint.


In all, the project began in early November, but do to complications with our flooring order, it was only completed a mere 2 days before Christmas!  Just in time to share with family visiting for the holidays.

Video of the transformation:


“Original” kitchen

We are very fortunate to have the time and talent of my dad to come and help us remodel our kitchen this fall.  It started 9 months ago when Nick started noticing the cabinets in the corner separating from the soffit, and our fridge beginning to freeze things then melt. . . yikes.  So we started looking, thinking, praying and pricing.  Knowing that we use our kitchen for everything and love hosting and entertaining as a part of our ministry together we wanted this to be a decision that we would be happy with for a while. So we finally put down the money and purchased tickets for my parents to fly out to help.

Prep work by Kara

  • tear up 6 layers of flooring
  • pack up the entire kitchen
  • remove handles/knobs to reuse

Day 1

  • pick up parents from the airport
  • remove countertop
  • remove sink/faucet/disposal and give to friendly neighbor who has been helpful
  • remove some base cabinets
  • move all appliances to office or living room
  • dinner with Sellars

Day 2

  • dad: chiropractor and an eye dr. apt
  • show mom around garden for her to help as we work
  • tear out closet sheet rock and studs
  • remove tile backsplash
  • remove and give away all cabinets
  • haul out trash to fill the three dumpsters near by us
  • shopping to Lowes and Home Depot for some supplies
  • Paint ceiling
  • Lay a floor leveler overnight on some low spots

Day 3

  • Patch wall holes
  • start rebuilding walls/ceiling/soffit
  • replace the water turn off switches which were leaking
  • put up new lights
  • dad had a meeting/conference call
  • Nick comes home from working in Salt Lake City to see the house a mess
  • dinner with neighbors

Day 4

Day 5

  • sand down new areas
  • Buy tiles and supplies
  • paint ceiling again
  • Prime walls
  • Church in the park

Day 6

  • more sanding and spackling
  • new texture on walls/ceiling
  • paint color “Bay Sands” on all showing walls
  • Lay out and measure tiles
  • Rent tile saw for an hour and cut pieces
  • dad phone conference/interview

Day 7

  • Lay Tile
  • Mom spend some time cleaning up the garden

Day 8

  • Grout in between tiles
  • clean tiles 6 x’s
  • pick up cabinets with a U-haul
  • move upstairs wall cabinets
  • dinner with neighbors
  • dad’s meeting and interviews

Day 9

  • Put upper cabinets on wall, starting with corner
  • Fight with cabinet company on the replacement of one they made a mistake on
  • hang cabinet above fridge
  • struggle with studs and hanging in the right places to have studs to stabilize
  • Borrow neighbors to move base cabinets upstairs
  • Lose Bean in the process
  • Find Bean hiding around the building

Day 10

  • Finish upper cabinets
  • Begin lower cabinets
  • cut/level/sand/cut/place/level/cut a tad more and level with some shims
  • dinner with neighbors

Day 11

  • Nick and Dad finish the bottom cabinets
  • Finish the electrical outlets
  • Mom to the garden for the final time
  • clean up, get dinner and take mom to the airport

Day 12

  • Find out about the passing of our dear friend Jan Cowles – mourn, cry
  • Work on knobs/handles
  • cut and mount toe kicks
  • Screw and glue 2*4s to the floor for the peninsula
  • Screw the peninsula together and put in place
  • begin to clean out the inside of cabinets
  • Put doors and shelves in cabinets
  • install trash/recycling bin in cabinet
  • Church at Curry’s to pray for each other and discuss/process grief

Day 13

  • screw peninsula on to the floor mounter boards
  • cut the back panel
  • finish the toe kicks and trim
  • add a few pieces of scribe to finish things off
  • more doors and shelves
  • cleaning
  • new outlet stops working
  • problem solve with neighbors

Day 14

  • return a pile of stuff to Lowes and buy a new breaker
  • try new breaker to get the outlets to work
  • clean up
  • return table saw
  • dad to chiropractor, dinner then the airport

Day 15

  • airport run for Nick’s brother
  • cleaning
  • dusting
  • granite template/measured
  • pick up pictures for video/slide show for memorial service

Day 17

Day 21

  • Granite installation
  • sink installation
  • cleaning
  • move all the way into cupboards (except one)
  • connect faucet and plumbing

Day ?? (Many days later)

  • Final cabinet installed
  • finishing cleaning
  • pick out backsplash (in progress)
  • tile backsplash (future project)
  • PARTY to celebrate (evening of 11/10)

Completed kitchen!

Slide show of all the pictures from this adventure of remodeling the kitchen!

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We recently decided to reduce our 3 piece bedroom set, down to just a single (but much larger) dresser.  Kara was ready for it too as she has been looking at our old set for nearly 20 years!

Out with the old….

…and in with the new

In our quest to elimate two-thousand-and-ten things in the year 2010, we have reached the half-way point!  To see the full list, check out the special webpage which shows everything to date.

In an effort to reduce a consumerist-based lifestyle, Nicolas and I (Kara) are attemping to get rid of two-thousand ten things in the year 2010.  This all began for us by a challenge that someone else proposed to live on just 100 things.  Even if we do not succeed, we will have succeeded by learning to live on so much less so that we can generously give to others.

You may say that eliminating 2010 things is hard to do, and you are right, it is hard.  So we are counting everything individually – for example, instead of “old pictures” being one thing, we will count each picture.  Or if we get rid of a framed picture, the photo, matte, and frame will count as 3 items.  However, basic necessities do not count, like using up a roll of toilet paper or eating a can of soup.   Additionally, replacing items do not count, like replacing a pair of shoes that have worn out.

Hopefully this is an encouragement to those of you who have thought of doing something like this but feel that it is daunting or impossible or that everything is somehow necessary.

You can watch our progress on a webpage we created specfically for this task.  We are already over 200 items so far!