The beginning of February we headed for our first road trip to Kansas. The trip had a twofold purpose: one to watch Nick’s brother Alex play soccer with the indoor Wichita B52s team and two to surprise Nick’s dad with a birthday dinner and visit.  We were successful at both and enjoyed the family time that we got through the weeke



Every year since I have known Nick we have returned to Kansas in April to volunteer at the Mennonite Central Committee relief sale. It is fun to reconnect with more distant family and family friends. We have in the past talked friends into coming with us as well.  This year some friends of ours who have come in the past were able to make it again.  It is always a fun time of eating great food and giving to a good cause.



We sell: hats, yardsticks, snacks, books, magazines and whatever else we can find.



Nick’s niece, Alexa.







Grandma catching up with friends and family.





The Lehr family.



Kansas Scenery