I have enjoyed experimenting with making my own lotions, scrubs and other cosmetics.  Last year I tried having selling parties, which did not go over very well. This winter I got the idea of trying a make and take party. I sent out an email asking if there would be interest based on a few friends.  I received positive feedback, so decided to go ahead and plan it.  I organized the party so that people could make lotion and sugar scrub to take home based on their smell and texture preferences.  I had the recipe that if they wanted could take to  be able to make it at home with basic ingredients.  Many of my friends have babies, so we had to structure in a way that kidos could come and play and moms took turns making and watching.  It turned out great and I had a blast.  Next time  lip balm!


Wax and butters melting on the stove.  Water boiling for sterilizing and for tea/water.


Coconut oil

IMG_4243Recipe and ingredients with samples to try as well

IMG_4242variety of smells, flavors, and extracts

IMG_4244   IMG_4248