While Nick has been busy with work travel, Ivan and I have been traveling our own share.  Right before my birthday Grandma Karen came to visit for Spring Break.  Ivan enjoyed time with his cousins and Grandma.  A couple weeks later we headed out across KS by ourselves for a road trip to Hutchinson, KS for the Kansas Mennonite Central Committee relief sale. Ivan did great on the road trip in the car! My mom was in surgery that same day in AZ so Friday I booked a last minute flight from Denver.  We enjoyed the sale and more Hostetler family time celebrating Dewey and Bernie’s 65th wedding anniversary.  Nick flew into meet us then flew out from Wichita for another work trip.


We drove back home to do laundry and repack and headed to AZ Monday morning. It was a very short turn around as we had a 6am flight, but Ivan did fabulous and was pleasant and social as always. We spent a little more than a week in AZ helping with cleaning and food and giving smiles and spreading joy to help Grandma Reimer recover from her surgery.  Nick was able to combine a work trip and meet us up for the Easter weekend. It was great to spend some time with him in AZ.


Ivan and I flew home with a few days to recover before heading back out for a combo work/pleasure trip to Seattle.  The three of us flew to Seattle Friday evening and stayed with family by the airport before heading up to Bellingham to see my grandparents.  We also met up with my cousin and her fiance and an adopted Grandpa.  We went to church with them and after church hung out for a bit with my aunt and her husband.  We headed back to Seattle Sunday evening so Nick could be there for meetings Monday.  Meanwhile Ivan and I met up with my cousin Jana and went to the Boeing Museum and checked out the tulips of Skagit Valley in Mt. Vernon.

Check out the video of more pictures and some videos of our adventures.

img_0042This fall has been the 5th warmest in CO history.  We have taken full advantage by getting outdoors and enjoying all the parks and playgrounds near by.  Ivan would still be swimming if it were up to him.  He loves the pool and water.  Thankfully we have indoor ones to enjoy. Anyway, we were able to take a trip up to Bellingham, WA to see my parents and grandparents for a week the end of September. We enjoyed mostly sunny days up there.  We also went to the CO Mennonite Central Committee Sale in La Junta, CO to see Nicolas’ family.  Nick had a great idea of carving a pumpkin so Ivan could sit in it.  It turned out really cute, then it got a happy face, thanks to our neighbor.  Finally I took him trick or treating with some friends in their neighborhood for Halloween. He enjoyed the idea of collecting treats, even though he doesn’t know what candy is and didn’t get to eat any of it.  😉  I can still control that, for now!

Check out the video below for some fun pictures.

Or Click here to see the Video at Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/189885440


Wow, it’s April already and we have had some fun spring family time that I haven’t written about.  Kara and Ivan went down to AZ to visit the Reimer grandparents in March and the Hostetler clan all came out to CO for skiing and spring break.  We have also had the annual MCC relief sale already this April.  Ivan is growing so much and learning so much. Everyone enjoys his smile and wave.

Check out this video below.


<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/163946779″>2016 spring</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user2415738″>Nicolas Moseley</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>





About a month ago, we were able to meet Nick’s family at the Colorado Mennonite Central Committee sale in Rocky Ford, CO.  Family came from all over CO and from KS for a gathering. We enjoyed delicious food at the sale and the musical program on Friday evening.  We hung out on Saturday at the sale, then after naps we found a local pumpkin patch for the kids to enjoy.  We then finished the weekend with dinner together and celebrated Hostetler Grandparents birthdays!

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Every year that Nick can remember he has attended and volunteered at the Kansas MCC sale.  It is held at the Kansas State fair grounds in Hutchinson, KS for the weekend.  This year, Kara drove to KS by herself and picked up Nick from the Wichita airport.  He flew in from Las Vegas from the MMS conference where he spoke on Config Manager.


The sale is always a fun time of seeing family and reconnecting with others, whom we only see at the sale: Nick’s college friends, Grandparents friends or relatives, and sale volunteers.  We enjoy the traditional Mennonite food, beautiful hand made quilts, and conversations with strangers around the same mission.  This 45th year raised a little under 500K.

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Our April 2012 was filled with various happenings.

First we visited our dear friends, Blake and Sarah Lehr (and baby Jeremiah), to make new years cookies since they were unable to join us for the MCC relief sale this year.  It’s always a treat!



Despite consumption of doughy-sugery-goodness in mass during our visit, the following weekend we made our annual trek to Kansas for the real MCC sale…and consumed even more new years cookies.  The trip home was particularly special since we were celebrating Nicolas’ grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary!  It is also one of the few times in which a majority of the Hostetler family is able to come together.

During the month, we also were able to reconnect with various friends.  Nicolas’ old friends from the Big-Brother-Big-Sister program when he was young.

Then our friend Ignacio and Meylin Mireles, missionaries in the central/south Americas, were in the states on furlough and to raise support.  They came for dinner one evening and it was good to meet Meylin for the first time and hear about wonderous journey they are embarking on by becoming the overseers  with IncaLink of a new orphanage in Trujillo, Peru.

And finally, Kara’s best friend, Libbey Sellers (and husband Gabe), had their first baby, a little girl they named Annika.  Kara is a proud ‘aunt’ and is looking forward to baby time this summer.  (Note to family, don’t get any ideas from this!)



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This is some of our favorite things that have happened this past year

  1. Completion of decluttering our home by giving away two thousand ten things
  2. Vacation to the French Quarter of New Orleans
  3. Major financial accomplishments – becoming debt free, except for the mortgage
  4. Replacing our 25-year-old windows and sliding glass door
  5. Being with the Girard family (and Nicolas’ family in general) for Thannksgiving and Christmas
  6. Kara’s new teaching position in Cherry Creek School District
  7. Being the photographers for Rachel and Chris McKeag’s wedding
  8. Our 4th anniversary in Salida, CO
  9. Trip to Michigan & Indiana to be with Kara’s family for a wedding
  10. Annual MCC Sale in Hutchinson, KS