IMG_4101This is what my deck looked like on April 18th.  In great anticipation of wanting to dig in dirt and plant my garden, everything was on my deck and we got snow.  We continued to get snow for another week or so, which made it difficult to get into the garden until much later than I wanted and much later than last year. I guess that is how it goes.  It make me thankful that I can go to the store for food and not depend on what I’ve preserved and can grow.

Anyway, I compensated by growing sprouts, celery and green onions on my window.  The celery I have since planted in my garden.IMG_4115

IMG_4116This is my third year trying sprouts and they really do not like me, except for the squash or pumpkin in the fore ground.  So most of my seeds and plants were planted late April.  I had a fun planting day with friends and their kidos.  Some dug and some ate dirt but we all had fun together.

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