Ivan turned one year old this November!  He loves to chase the cat, play with friends, wrestle daddy and bear, try different foods, laugh, be around people, and work hard on walking.

Below is a video montage of photos and clips from the past year.

Direct Link to video on Vimeo


Announcing baby boy Moseley, born 11-16-2014. His name is revealed towards the end of the video. ūüôā

Below are our favorite 10 photos (ordered by date)¬†from our vacation to the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks near Moab, UT.¬† Concluding that is a 10 minute video with 60 different photos that are greatly enjoyable and worth the watch!¬† If you’re interested in see our personal top-5 moments of the trip, be sure to read https://kickmo.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/vacation-to-utah-moab-national-parks/.

As we were hiking Fisher Towers, climbers were ascending the facades of various giant pillars.¬† In the midst of that, Nicolas just happened to have his telephoto attached to his new professional camera.¬† As he was taking a photo in the distance, one of the climbers had summit’d a difficult and narrow Fisher Tower, then they lifted their arms in celebration and wonder.¬† The timing wasn’t planned and is a factor to shoot anything at a given moment.


Having backpacked into Elephant Canyon in Canyonlands’ NP (Needles District), we made the¬†4+ mile trek to Druid arch the following day.¬† The arch is¬†a massive 800 feet high.



A fairly common shot of Mesa Arch in Cayonlands’ NP (Island in the Sky District), which is a very short walk from the parking lot.¬† A beautiful shot nonetheless!



This below arch is along the way to The Windows arches in Arches NP.  The stone stair steps appear to ascend directly into the arch Рbut in reality, it is 100 yards away and the arch is several hundred feet high!



Double Arch in Arches NP.  An unexpected quick dispersion of the cloud cover made for a great capture of the sky!



One of the many creases and seams between the fins/fissures of towering rocks inside the famous Fiery Furnace of Arches NP.



This photo is along the main road in Arches NP.  Really like the setting with the mix of cool colors in the clouds in conjunction with the warmth of the red rocks.



Double-O Arch in Arches NP.  It was not going to be a great photo because of blazing overly sunny skies and hoards of people.  Until the unexpected addition of light cloud cover and a dispersion of the crowd.  Again, timing is everything if one is patient and waits for the moment!



The final two photos were captured on our early morning drive leaving Arches NP and thereby ending our vacation in Utah.  What a view and what a treat!



And finally, the 10 minute video of our absolute favorite scenic photos from the trip!


Here’s a countdown to tell you about our vacation in a fun way.

Top 5 of Moab:

5. Scenic Drive on Utah Highway 128 through the canyon bordered by the Colorado River!  (Followed up with a hike through Fisher Towers)


4. Backpacking into Elephant Canyon, the 8 mile hike in The Needles and specifically seeing Chesler Park in Canyonlands National Park!


3. Ranger guided Fiery Furnace hike in Arches National Park!


2. Total of 34 miles hiked through Utah desert in this amazing region of the US!  Lots of great photography!


1. Final outdoor adventure with only the two of us!


Honorable Mentions:

  • Being completely unplugged from technology for almost an entire week.
  • Surviving on only one¬†shower in 7 days, yikes!
  • Cold drinks and A/C after hikes on the hot days.
  • Remembering that the tent doesn’t keep the sand out.
  • Cool temperatures on¬†several different days to better enjoy hiking.
  • Kara’s first time pooping in a bag and Nick’s [astonishing] pooping twice in one day at¬†two national parks in two different states (UT/Arches then CO/Black Canyon of Gunnison).

Please watch this 15 minute video which has many of the photos that depict our latest adventure!


This is a follow up video from our New Mexico vacation, but just with photos of the Balloon Fiesta.


20130810_151535We joked about “Hurricane Girard” yet while Nick’s sister, husband and 4 kids came from Italy to visit for 2 weeks, it was a bit crazy.¬† Nick and I were able to take the two older girls on their first camping in the woods trip.¬† Minus the rain and pinched finger we had a super successful camping trip. We camped near Rocky Mountain National Park and then headed there to hike and see wildlife.¬† The girls had a great time and even passed to become a JR. Ranger.

IMG_0182Nick’s other sister, Abby’s daughter, Alexa turned one during the visit so then in came more family for the big party.¬† It was fun yet exhausting.¬† Overall, we had a blast playing and hanging out with all of the Girards, yet it was also nice to come home to a quiet bed.


Email subscribers click here for a 7-minute video of our adventures and fun with the Girard family.


On July 20th, 2013 Kara summited¬†her first 14’er (14,278 feet elevation). After the 8 years living in CO it was time.¬† The goal was to train all summer and climb in Aug or September, but the opportunity came earlier than expected.¬† We camped overnight Friday near Keystone and explored some local mines, creeks, and waterfalls. Then on Saturday we¬†met up with Nick’s hiking buddies (Matt & Ben) to ascend Gray’s Peak . . . Crazy hike as we took the least traveled western route. . .

IMG_0184The song Kara had going through her head while hiking:

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
Till you find your dream.

She¬†can’t say whether¬†she found her dream or not, but she did love the view from the top. . . hopefully you too can enjoy the view in the following video! http://vimeo.com/71463771